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We offer translation, editing, proofreading and linguistic validation services.

  • English <> French (Canada)
  • Medical documents
  • Business communication
  • Contracts
  • HR policies, reports
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Websites, online content
  • Dissertations and essays
  • Certified and notarized documents


You are the voice, we are your echo. We offer consecutive interpretation services for all variants of French.

  • Business meetings
  • Medical appointments and hospital procedures
  • Community workshops and meetings
  • Lawyer-client meetings
  • Legal proceedings
  • Services offered in person, over the phone or online

French-Language Training

We provide language training focused on meeting our clients’ unique needs and circumstances while using a modern task-based approach.

  • Training for public servants focused on PSC second language evaluations. We can help you reach your CBC!
  • Tutoring for IB Program
  • DELF test preparation
  • Personalized training plans
  • One-on-one/small group lessons
  • Variety of helpful resources
  • Service delivery online or in person


I was overly impressed with not only the quality of Annie’s work but also by the timely fashion in which it was completed. I would not hesitate to hire her again and to recommend Annie to any of my business colleagues.


I found Annie’s work to be of the highest quality. The cost was reasonable, and the turnaround time was very quick. A Francophone client complimented me on “my” excellent French!


Annie’s approach to teaching is effective, targeted and most importantly, yields improvement and results with her students. Annie has a remarkable ability to steer each session and adjust mid-class when required. In short, Annie is one of the better teachers I have had at any level of learning or academia. My personal improvements in French are largely attributed to Annie’s teaching style, course structure and overall effectiveness in the classroom.

TimSenior Housing Consultant

We needed to hire a translator to translate resources from Recreation NS as we aimed at making those available to the Francophones of Nova Scotia. We asked Annie to translate the package (game, presentations, instructions and other resources related to the Recreation for Mental Health series). She always took the time to verify each step of the translation process with us and was open to our specific needs, such as gender-neutral writing and non-judgmental language related to mental health.

LaurieConseil jeunesse provincial de la Nouvelle-Écosse (C.J.P.)

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Bon Mot is a Canadian company owned and operated by Annie Fortin, Certified Translator.

Annie’s passion for the French language is best seen through her work. She is an effective and highly regarded French language instructor in Halifax and has been producing high quality translations for local and international businesses since 2006. She also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a medical assistant.

Annie completed her Honours degree in French and linguistics with a specialization in syntax. She then earned her degree in Second Language Teaching to Adult Learners through Cambridge University. She also holds a Certificate in Business Communication with a specialty in communications for government professionals.

She believes translating is an art. In keeping with her philosophy, she captures the meaning and tone of the original text while remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the target audience.

A dynamic instructor who is constantly adjusting classes to better fit students’ learning styles, Annie enjoys using activities (Task-Based Method) that make learning more meaningful.

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